After This Doctor Retired, He Continued Helping Patients By Inventing Medical Tech

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Photo: Dr. Dick Fulton
Dr. Dick Fulton works on a new invention in his barn workshop.

If you've ever had a blood clot pulled from an artery or tissue taken for a breast biopsy, it's possible Dr. Dick Fulton had an invisible hand in your treatment. The retired radiologist is now a prolific inventor: he has patents for 50 medical devices, with number 51 on the way. Dr. Fulton talked to Colorado Matters from Grand Junction about the experiences he had as a doctor that inspired his creations.

The medical devices Dr. Fulton has invented include the SonoGlo, the MammoMark and the MegaVac Mechanical Thrombectomy System. The names may not be recognizable to the general public, but his devices have benefited countless patients by allowing doctors to see surgical needles during ultrasounds or sucking blood clots from arteries.