All Eyes Are On These Colorado Congressional Districts For The 2018 Primary Election

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Photo: Primary voting June 2016 (AP Photo)
Lynn Torre completes her ballot at a polling center, on state primary election day, in Boulder, Colo., Tuesday, June 28, 2016.

It's a midterms election year in Colorado, and the tensions are high as the primary election day approaches. It's not only the governor's race that's under watch -- three congressional districts are also receiving attention. In Denver's District 1, Rep. Diana DeGette faces her most serious challenger in years. That candidate is Saira Rao, whose letter in the Huffington Post about breaking up with the Democratic Party as a woman of color went viral. Then, in District 5 in Colorado Springs, Rep. Doug Lamborn is fending off four Republican candidates for his long-held seat. They have called him a "bum." Finally, at the decidedly purple District 6, the race between two Democratic candidates has heated up under national attention, as well as some pepper spray.