Amid Tensions, Denver Post Reporter Covers President Trump’s West Wing

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Photo: Mark Matthews Pool Reporter
The size of the crowd attending President Trump's inauguration was a point of contention between the administration and the media.

Monday was the first official day of business for President Donald Trump and one of the reporters covering the proceedings was Mark Matthews, Washington correspondent for the Denver Post. Matthews' assignment came days after some tense and controversial exchanges between the media, President Trump and some administration officials over things like attendance at Trump's inauguration and a bust of Martin Luther King Jr. that a reporter erroneously said had been removed from the Oval Office.

Trump also recently placed a freeze on grants and contracts by the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Centers for Disease Control canceled a climate-change conference. Matthews discussed the possible short- and long-term affect those actions might have in Colorado and the West.

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Matthews, who says being a pool reporter is something of a high-wire act, spoke with Colorado Matters host Nathan Heffel.