At Holmes trial, Wayne Wicks keeps global television coverage humming

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Photo: Wayne Wicks Pool Manager Aurora Theatre Shooting Trial
Wayne Wicks at his desk in his home office in Littleton.

High profile trials, like the one opening today for Aurora theater shooter James Holmes, draw massive news media coverage from all over the world. Someone needs to manage the logistics of events like these, and in Colorado, Wayne Wicks is the man that usually manages it. He's run the press pool for Denver's Oklahoma City Bomber trial and Kobe Bryant's sexual assault case, and tells host Ryan Warner he came out of retirement to handle the Holmes trial.

On how get got tapped for the job:

"They added up the costs of all of the equipment, my salary, and what it would take to put it all together. They put it on a spreadsheet and divided it up. They pinged all of the stations, who said they could afford the numbers, put it together, and they hired me in February. From February until today I've been working on this pretty much every day."

On the technology changing how trials are covered:

"All of us in the broadcast world have realized that the streaming and the internet is going to be the future of this business down the road. I've seen so much in my life change, and this is one more, and I'm just glad I'm here to see it."