Ballet Meets American Roots Music

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This interview originally aired February 4, 2011

The Denver band, Paper Bird, has a modern take on old time folk music. It’s not the kind of music you’d think of for a ballet but it’s exactly what Garrett Ammon thought of when he heard the band. Ammon is the artistic director for Ballet Nouveau Colorado. It's a company that isn’t afraid to stretch the boundaries of classical dance. They’ve performed ballets to rock music, bird calls, and poetry. So Ammon figured Paper Bird would be the right partner for Ballet Nouveau’s latest project. It’s called “Carry On.” Colorado Public Radio’s Sadie Babits sat down with Ammon and with Paul DeHaven, Paper Bird’s guitar player.

Ballet Nouveau Colorado and Paper Bird are teaming up for one more performance of the ballet on June 11th at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities. The band will also release their album of music from the ballet that evening.

Click here to see a video trailer that was filmed during the ballet's original run.

For more information about "Carry On," go to Ballet Nouveau Colorado's website.

[Photo courtesy of Ballet Nouveau Colorado.]