Before Oprah, Colorado’s Tami Simon Was Bringing Spiritual Thinkers To A Broad Audience

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<p>Sounds True founder Tami Simon in the studio.</p>
Photo: Tami Simon
Sounds True founder Tami Simon

Before Oprah Winfrey brought spiritual thinkers to a mainstream audience, there was Tami Simon.

She has grown her Louisville, Colorado-based audio book company, Sounds True, from, as she puts it, "a woman with her tape recorder" to "a major publishing house." It estimates its reach at more than 2 million people a month. The label is adding titles and employees this year and is on track to do $24 million dollars in business.

Simon's label has struck relationships with big names like Thich Nat Han, Andrew Weil, Carolyn Myss and Eckhart Tolle.

Thirty years later, Sounds True is still growing, adding titles and employees.

We asked Simon to share her biggest epiphanies over the years. She chose three audio clips that she says changed the way she looks at life.