Big Brothers Of Colorado Brought These Men Together More Than 40 Years Ago

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Photo: Big Brothers Tom Spitzlberger and Darth Hurlburt
Tom Spitzlberger, 57, and Darth Hurlburt, 93, were connected through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado more than 40 years ago.

They've been brothers for more than 40 years.

Darth Hurlburt, 93, and Tom Spitzlberger, 57, met through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado in the 1970s. Spitzlberger lost his father when he was 18 months old, and Hurlburt never had children. Going to C.U. Buffs games, hitting the slopes and chowing down at Burger King together helped fill their respective voids.

Hurlburt and Spitzlberger have one of the longest-lasting relationships born out of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado, which turns 100 this year. The two men talked to Colorado Matters about their decades-long bond.