Can This Group Fill The Drug Treatment Void Left By Arapahoe House?

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Photo: AC Arapahoe House Alternatives
The Arapahoe House's Thornton Center.

Citing financial problems, Arapahoe House, Colorado's largest drug treatment provider, closed its doors Tuesday. The question now becomes: Who picks up the void?

Sobriety House in Denver, which describes itself as the oldest drug and alcohol treatment center in the state, says it's ready, willing and able to add services and other programs -- provided it receives an increase in financial support from state and other agencies. Crystal Colussi, Sobriety House's deputy director, told Colorado Matters that the increased support is needed to add the staff necessary to run the added programs.

Colussi also discussed how the funding process works for treatment facilities like Sobriety and Arapahoe House, as well as the impact the latter's closing has on those in need of treatment.

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