Cannabis Is Legit. CSU-Pueblo Just Opened A New Institute To Study It

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Photo: CSU Pueblo
Colorado State University - Pueblo is home to the new Institute of Cannabis Research.

There’s more proof that marijuana is legitimate in Colorado. At Colorado State University - Pueblo, The Institute of Cannabis Research is up and running. Its mission: to find new uses for cannabis.

Multiple studies are underway including helping people with epilepsy, using hemp in 3D printing and studying whether cannabis can be used to combat viral infections. The institute launches at an interesting time in Pueblo -- voters there just rejected measures that would have shut down marijuana businesses in town.

Jen Mullen is the institute’s interim director. She formerly led the school’s mass communications department.

The Institute starts with about $1.1 million in state and local funding. Mullen says the ICR goal is “to develop new knowledge of cannabis and its derivatives through research and education and find ways to use to improve people’s lives.”

Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner speaks with Institute of Cannabis Research interim director Jen Mullen.


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