Capitol Check-In: April 19, 2013

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(Photo: CPR/Meghan Verlee)

Photo: Colorado Capitol, April 2013Correction: An earlier version of this conversation included an error: We said a two-thirds majority was required to put a recreational marijuana tax on the November ballot. In fact, it only needs a simple majority.

It was mighty cold across Colorado this week, but one place where things stayed plenty hot was the State Capitol. Lawmakers are debating well into the night, and will meet this weekend, trying to get their work done before the regular session ends on May 8th.

Host Ryan Warner talks with CPR's Megan Verlee about some of the things keeping legislators so busy, from partisan issues like the balance of power between workers and employers, and ones that need bipartisan support, like taxing recreational marijuana. And they'll look ahead, to how this session may affect the 2013 election.

Bills discussed:

- SB001 - Colorado Working Families Economic Opportunity Act

- HB1136 - Job Protection Civil Rights Enforcement Act of 2013