Capitol Check-In: February 22nd, 2013

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While lawmakers continue their work under the golden dome, those responsible for looking after the state's finances are keeping their eyes on Washington, wondering what will happen if massive federal budget cuts go into effect at the beginning of March.

Host Ryan Warner talks with CPR's Megan Verlee about why Colorado is more at risk from federal cuts than most states. They also catch up on what's new in the state legisature, from an implied veto threat over a union bill, to a plan to encourage the reintroduction of blackfooted ferrets, and a bill inspired by the Losing Ground series Colorado Public Radio took part in.


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Bills discussed in this week's segment:

SB-025 - Collective Bargaining Firefighters

SB-169 - Reintroduce Blackfooted Ferret Landowner Consent

SB-011 - Colorado Civil Union Act

[Photo Credit: MVerlee/CPR]