Capitol Check-In: January 18, 2013

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More than 170 bills have already been introduced in just the first week of the state legislature. They range from small technical measures to sweeping public policy reforms. Host Andrea Dukakis talks with Colorado Public Radio’s Megan Verlee about some of what's on the table at the Capitol.

Text of the bills mentioned in the interview:

HB13-1033 - Abortion Ban (Humphrey)

SB13-056 - Ban Sex-Selection Abortions (Harvey, Saine)

SB13-066 - Taxpayer Abortion Separation Act (Hill)

SB13-011 - Colorado Civil Unions Act (Steadman & Guzman, Ferrandino & Shafer)

SB13-033 - In-State Classification CO High School Completion (ASSET)

SB13-009 - School Board Policy Allowing Concealed Carry (Renfroe & Harvey, Saine)

HB13-1048 - Deadly Force Against Intruder at a Business (Everett, Grantham)

HB13-028 - Vehicle Special License Plate Limit (Scott & Priola)

[Photo: MVerlee/CPR]