Carbondale Nonprofit Helps Children Displaced By Hurricane Matthew

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Photo: Carbondale Nonprofit
A collapsed bridge in Haiti near a HaitiChildren location.

Hurricane Matthew has moved out into the Atlantic Ocean and is now a post-tropical cyclone. In its wake, states along the southeastern coast are just beginning the recovery process after the storm claimed 16 lives and dumped 10's of inches of rain.

Matthew also left massive devastation across southern Haiti -- with storm surge inundating villages, destroying houses and killing more than 900 people. Aid workers say additional bodies may still be found in the coming days.

HaitiChildren, a Carbondale non-profit, has committed to working with abandoned children in Haiti since 1994. Its workers there say there has been extensive damage to homes, crops, and livestock near their humanitarian projects.

HaitiChildren President Robin Hamill joined Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner to talk about the latest from Haiti -- and how the hurricane could impact the organization's work.