Cars You Won’t Believe: Coming To Colorado

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Some bizarre vehicles will converge on Trinidad in southern Colorado this weekend, September 13-15. A hearse outfitted with bat wings and flame throwers, a VW Bug covered with cigarette butts and an Isuzu Trooper adorned with a cityscape crafted from fused glass area just a few. These and dozens of other so-called “art cars” are part an event called Artocade.

Photo 1: The art car called "Earth, Wind and Fire" will be part of the Artocade event in Trinidad this weekend. [Artocade]

Photo 2: Cartist Aarela Webster created "Good Old Times" using handmade fused glass. [Artocade}

Photo 3: Cartist Rich Columbo shows off his "vantasmagoric" art car and the special helmet that goes along with it. Shanna Lewis]

Photo 4: Tourism board president Pat Patrick, aka The Earl of Artocade, with his creation, "The Hubbercraft" [Pat Patrick]