Chimney Choir’s Big Sound

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Originally aired May 17, 2012

It can be hard to pin down the music of Denver trio, Chimney Choir. David Rynhart, Kevin Larkin, and Kris Drickey are rooted in Americana and folk music. But they add touches of electronic samples and unusual percussion instruments, like trash can lids, wine bottles, and a bicycle tire. What results are complex arrangements that one reviewer called “a spooky amusement park of sounds.”

The band recently released their first full length CD, "Ladder." It was recorded last January in front of a small audience of family and friends. Two members of the band, Kevin Larkin and Kris Drickey, stopped by the studio to speak with Ryan Warner, along with local drummer Carl Sorensen, who joined the group on the new recording.

Click below to hear some tracks (by the full band, including Carl Sorensen) that were recorded in the CPR Performance Studio for our sister station, OpenAir:

Nothing Else

Ace of Spades

All in Your Mind

Medley: Rose - Turtle

[Photo: Ian Hutchison]