Colorado Photojournalist Shares Stories From Behind His Lens

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<p>(Courtesy Rick Wilking)</p>
<p>Amarion Allen, 11-years-old, stands shivering in fear in the 90 degree heat with his mother protesting nearby in front of a police line shortly before shots were fired in a police-officer involved shooting in Ferguson, Missouri August 9, 2015. </p>

In the news business, editors look for what's called a "good eye" in their photographers: someone who can sum up a long and winding story in just one picture. For instance, the image from 1996 when presidential hopeful Bob Dole fell during a campaign rally. Or the one of a young African-American boy standing before a line of police in riot gear in Ferguson, Mo. Or ice skater Sarah Hughes launching herself in the air to win an Olympic gold medal in 2002.

Those images are among the many Colorado photojournalist Rick Wilking has taken during his four decades of work. He talks about the stories behind the photos, and more, in his book, "The Last Hummingbird." Wilking spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.

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