Colorado poised to fund study of marijuana for veterans with PTSD

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Researchers want to know whether medical marijuana is effective in controlling seizures in kids.
Photo: Medical marijuana

Colorado is set to decide whether to move forward with millions of dollars in grants to fund marijuana research. Last month, the state gave initial approval to allocate $7.5 million dollars for eight studies.

The biggest chunk of that money -- $2 million -- is likely to fund research on the effectiveness of using marijuana for veterans treating post-traumatic stress disorder. Dr. Sue Sisley recently received approval to conduct the study from the Food and Drug Administration.

"This will be the first randomized control trial looking at the use of several different strains and dosages of marijuana in treating PTSD," Sisley said.

At a meeting on Dec. 17, state health officials will decide whether to fund the study. The other recommended studies include using marijuana to treat inflammatory bowel disease and pediatric epilepsy.