Colorado scientist investigates the body’s “Navy Seals”

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Phillipa Marrack and T-cells
Phillipa Marrack (right) and her husband John Kappler in their lab at National Jewish Health in Denver.

Philippa Marrack and her husband John Kappler have devoted much of their lives to T-cells, which circulate through the blood and seek out infections in order to destroy them. Among their findings: the reasons why some T-cells make mistakes and damage parts of our bodies.

This week Marrack and Kappler fly to Israel to receive the prestigious Wolf Prize in Medicine for their contribution to understanding the cells and the immune system. Marrack, who is with the Department of Immunology at National Jewish Health, spoke with CPR's Andrea Dukakis.

Marrack is a member of the Colorado Women's Hall of Fame and will be inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame in October.

Watch cytotoxic T-cells destroy cancer cells.