Colorado’s Top Ten Artifacts — From Homesteader Photos To A Slide Rule

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Cast Iron Cooking Cauldron
The original cast-iron cooking cauldron used to make tofu in the 1970's by the company White Wave.

Each year, Coloradans vote on what they think are the state's most important artifacts. The 2015 winners include a cast iron cooking cauldron used to make White Wave tofu and a 1983 protest flier by a group called the American Disabled for Accessible Public Transit. Dana Echohawk, the project director for the Colorado Collections Connection, spoke about the list with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.

Other items on the list include:

  • Shrapnel from United Airlines Flight 629, which marked the first act of air terrorism in the United States
  • Animal effigy from prehistoric times
  • Photographs and documents from the life of Anna Wolfrom who was Estes Park's first single female homesteader and owner of the Wigwam Tea Room
  • Brochures and photograph from Women's Bluebird Organization, a group of working women who came to Boulder from Chicago each summer to vacation
  • A U.S. flag carried during the Civil War by the 1st Regiment of Colorado Volunteers
  • The Thacher cylindrical slide rule that preceded the modern version and was used in Colorado by the U.S. Geological Survey in the early 1900sFirst Edition Pueblo Chieftain
  • A first edition of The Colorado Chieftain out of Pueblo, June 1, 1968
  • A Colorado Fuel & Iron Co. ledger from 1892.