Community Rallies To Help Firefighters Who Lost Their Home And Dog

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<p>(Courtesy of Rick Dirr)</p>
<p>The Cold Springs fire destroyed the Schmidtmanns&#039; car and home.</p>
The Schmidtmanns' missing dog, Geno

When firefighter Captain Charlie Schmidtmann fought the Cold Springs fire just a few weeks ago, one of the first houses he found incinerated was his own.

Looking through the charred remains, Schmidtmann and his wife,who is also a firefighter, thought their two dogs were dead. But just five hours later, the Schmidtmanns' Labrador, Clyde, ran in front of a fire truck Charlie Schmidtmann was driving, having suffered just a few burns on his snout.

Now the community of Nederland has rallied to find the Schmidtmanns' second dog, a large Saint Bernard called Geno. The community has created a Facebook site called “Finding Geno” where people can post sightings of Geno and more than 70 people turned out for a large scale search just a week ago.

Charlie Schmidtmann spoke with Colorado Matters host Nathan Heffel.

The remains of the Schmidtmanns' car and house
The Schmidtmanns at their wedding

Editor's note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly identified the name of the fire. It has been corrected.