Could Anxiety And Anger Be A Factor In Colorado’s 2016 Latinos Vote?

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<p>(AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)</p>
<p>“I Voted” stickers at a polling station on the campus of the University of Colorado, in Boulder, Nov. 6, 2012.</p>
Photo: I VotedSticker, (AP)

NPR reports in a collaboration with public radio stations across the country that anxieties and anger are shaping the 2016 election. At CPR News, we've focused on Latino voters, who could be pivotal in this swing state. Nationally, the number of eligible Latino voters will hit a record high this year. Yet Latinos have tended to vote in far few numbers than whites and blacks.

Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner spoke with Mannie Rodriguez and Jenny Sevilla Korn about the issue. Rodriguez chairs the Colorado Democratic Party's Latino Initiative and has long been active in voter outreach. Sevilla Korn is the Republican National Committee's deputy director and has worked extensively on Hispanic voting initiatives in Colorado over the years.