Could Canadian Cannabis Compete With The Colorado Marijuana Market?

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Photo: Marijuana Canada - AP Photo
A cash register is adorned with a Canadian flag and imitation marijuana leaves at the BC Marijuana Party Headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2010.

Canada approved a measure Thursday to legalize recreational marijuana use. It's the first G7 country to do so on a nationwide level. Sales could begin as soon as the end of this summer. While Colorado has a half-decade head start on legalized recreational marijuana, experts say Canadian businesses will soon have huge advantages over your local head shop.

One of those experts is Paul Seaborn, a University of Denver business professor and marijuana industry expert. Seaborn talked to Colorado Matters about how the Canadian cannabis industry could surpass Colorado's more mature market. Because marijuana will be legal nationwide there, Canadian shops won't struggle to get and keep bank accounts and secure loans. Other issues that have plagued Colorado cannabis businesses -- taxes, publicly traded companies, exports -- simply will not be factors for our neighbors to the north.