‘Daddy Bruce’ Rose From Poverty To Feed Thousands Of Coloradans At Thanksgiving

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Photo:Daddy Bruce Randolph
Daddy Bruce Randolph in his restaurant.

Randolph was 63 when he hosted his first Thanksgiving. Vincent Robinson was a teenager living in a local housing project when he went to one of the dinners.

"I remember us going up there and this little guy was out there in this little apron and stuff," Robinson said. "He was just passing out food making sure everybody had something on their plate, the same portion, on their plate. And I remember just that one day, man, I was hooked at that old man’s restaurant, you know. And it just happened to be Daddy Bruce. At that time I was like, I was about 14 and I just thought, 'Man, what a fantastic guy.'"

Bruce died in 1994 but the Thanksgiving tradition lives on with an annual food basket giveaway called "Feed A Family." Volunteers will gather Saturday to fill baskets for distribution to about 5,000 needy families.

Rev. Ronald Wooding produced "Keep A Light In Your Window." He spoke with CPR host Nathan Heffel.