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Story Originally aired:July 7, 2010

Loveland singer-songwriter Danielle Anderson plays the ukulele and performs under the name Danielle Ate the Sandwich. That might not sound like a recipe for serious songs about love and loss, but that's exactly what it is.

She has just released a number of those songs on a new CD, Two Bedroom Apartment. It's her first studio album, but she's already built quite a following around the world after YouTube featured one of her home-made videos on its front page a year and a half ago. Since then, her video performances of original and cover songs have been watched over three and a half million times. Not bad for someone who has, up until now, recorded almost everything on a laptop in HER two bedroom apartment.

You can find her complete schedule on her website.

This is one of her latest videos, for the song "Public Property," which is on the new CD. This video was featured on YouTube's front page this week, after we taped our interview:

Aaron Keim, Scott McCormick, and Neil McCormick from Boulder Acoustic Society joined Danielle for this cover of "Party in the U.S.A" by Miley Lee Cyrus:

"Conversations with Dead People" was the video that gave Danielle Ate the Sandwich's career a giant boost when it was featured on YouTube's front page in December 2008. It was also the first song that she wrote on the ukulele:

You can see all her videos on her YouTube page.

[Photo Credit: Todd Roeth]