Denver Choreographer Tara Rynders Wants Participation, Not Observation

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<p>(Corey H. Jones/CPR News)</p>
<p>Tara Rynders (foreground) and Cortney McGuire rehearse the opening dance for “You & Me” in an empty lot on Oct. 11, 2015.</p>

Photo: Tara Rynders You and Me opening danceDon't expect to sit quietly through a show put on by Denver choreographer Tara Rynders. She prefers you participate in her art. In her production "You & Me," performers lead you through different experiences.

Photo: Tara Rynders, You and Me, alley danceYou might end up riding a tandem bike while singing out loud. Or dancing to your favorite song -- on Rynder's roof. The evening ends with a backyard dinner at her Denver home in the Sloan's Lake neighborhood. "You & Me" runs Friday and Saturday.

Photo: Tara Rynders You and Me jancingRynders spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.