Denver High School Student Sends Ambulance to Poverty-Stricken Sierra Leone

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A couple of years ago Denver high school student Tyler Quintana visited a war-torn country, and thought of a way to help people there. He was a student at the Denver Center for International Studies, a magnet school, when he got the chance to visit Sierra Leone. This West African country ranks at or near the bottom in virtually every measure of health, like access to care and the infant mortality rate. While he was there, Quintana realized an ambulance could help connect rural villages to a clinic in the area. Well, after years of work, a fully stocked ambulance is now on its way to Sierra Leone. Quintana joins Ryan Warner to discuss his inspiration to start the “Ambulance for Africa” project after spending more than a month in the country.

[Photo: Tyler Quintana and his family posing in front of the ambulance before it was shipped to Sierra Leone. Photo courtesy of Tyler Quintana]