Doctors Fail to Disclose Ties to Drug Companies

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CPR Health Reporter Eric Whitney talks about the kind of work doctors do for drug companies and whether that money influences them. We also hear from a doctor who made $75,000 from pharmaceutical companies last year.

His reporting included assistance from the Rocky Mountain Investigative News Network.

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See the entire ProPublica series on drug company payments to doctors, and reporting on the topic by NPR.

Below is a list of Colorado doctors paid by drug companies in 2009 and 2010 who have been disciplined by state medical boards.

Joseph A Lovato

Leonard Zemel

Munni Selagamsetty

Robert M. Rifkin

Sam Jahani

Stephen Paul Carmel

Steven L. Wright

Sumant Rawat

William Haun

Byron D. Jones

Michael Saathoff

David K. Rosenthal

John M. Tyler