Does Livestock Belong in Denver?

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Time for our Friday series "Backyard Farmers," about people who are bringing a little of the farm to the city. A couple of week ago, we talked to Sundari Kraft, of Denver. She raises chickens and dwarf goats in her backyard. And she wants to change city rules that, she thinks, make it hard to keep small livestock. Kraft told us people in her Highlands neighborhood can't tell she's got a farmyard. Not so says one of Kraft's neighbors, who sent us an e-mail even as the story aired. Roseanne Jelacic says it shouldn't get easier for people to raise farm animals in the city, and she definitely wants to keep the current zoning rules that give neighbors a say in what goes on next door. In a few minutes, we'll talk to Doug Kelley, the head of animal control for Denver. His staff inspects most of these backyard farms before a permit is issued. First, Roseanne Jelacic.

Listen to the full interview with Sundari Kraft.