Does Privilege Explain The Higher Rate Of White Male Suicides?

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Chart: 2014 Suicides By Race
2014 was a record year for suicides in Colorado. White men over 65 had a suicide rate three times the state average. That's higher than the rate of any other group.

There were more suicides in Colorado in 2014 than ever before. In that year, white men older than 65 years old committed suicide at a rate three times higher than the state average. That's the highest rate for any group.

Colorado State University professor of psychology Silvia Canetto tests two explanations for why in a recent paper for Men and Masculinities. First, white men don't have a chance to learn coping skills that would help as they age. Second, many see suicide as a masculine response to the hardships of getting older.

She spoke to Colorado Matters host Nathan Heffel about the paper and how it could point to new ways of preventing suicide.