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Dogs suffer chronic pain just like people; could the same type of treatment work for both?

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Courtesy Thomas Story
Thomas Story, of Boulder, with his dog Baer, who was a subject in a study to minimize the effects of arthritic pain using a substance produced by the cells. It is also being studied in people.

Dogs, like humans, experience chronic pain. Now, a gene therapy being used to treat arthritic dogs could have implications for their human counterparts. Baer, a black lab, was an early test subject. When he was two years old, his knee was injured and he had arthritic pain from a botched surgery. After exhausting different treatments, Baer's owner, Thomas Story of Boulder, decided to take part in a research study that uses injections of a natural protein produced by cells to reduce inflammation. Veterinarian Rob Landry owns CCAPM Veterinary Care Center in Broomfield and is one of the researchers. They spoke with us as part of our special series, "On Pain."