Film’s Star Isn’t Sure What’s Fiction And What’s His Real Life

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Photo: Actor Martinez film still 1 Arthur with directors
Actor Arthur Martinez with directors Mike Ott and Nathan Silver in "Actor Martinez."

"Actor Martinez" screens at the Denver Film Festival this weekend. The film follows Arthur Martinez around his apartment, to his day job as a computer repairman, and to local events with other actors. Originally, Martinez says, he asked directors Mike Ott and Nathan Silver to make a short film that he could use to promote himself in the industry, but the directors decided instead to make a full-length feature, without giving Martinez a script.

Photo: Actor Martinez film still 2 Arthur with directors, Lindsay
Actors Arthur Martinez and Lindsay Burdge, facing the camera, with directors Mike Ott, in hat, and Nathan Silver. Much of the film "Actor Martinez" takes place in Martinez's apartment in Denver.

Martinez and Ott spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner. "Actor Martinez" shows at the following times at the Sie FilmCenter as part of the Denver Film Festival:

  • 6:45pm on Saturday, Nov. 5
  • 9:30pm on Sunday, Nov. 6
  • 2pm on Friday, Nov. 11