Firestone One Year After A Deadly Home Explosion Linked To Oil and Gas Development

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Photo: Firestone Anniversary Anadarko Valve (Hood)
Investigators say natural gas leaked into the soil from an underground flowline in Firestone believed to have been abandoned, but not properly capped. The well attached to that flowline sits inactive today.

Two people died when a house exploded in Firestone a year ago. Mark Martinez and Joseph Irwin were in the basement working on the water heater at the time. Erin Martinez was upstairs and was severely injured. Investigators eventually found that gas had leaked into the home from an abandoned flowline belonging to Anadarko Petroleum.

CPR’s Grace Hood and Ben Markus have been reporting this story all year, and tell Colorado Matters about what’s changed in Firestone, how the explosion affected the energy industry, and what state regulations look like now. You can read Hood's story abut life in the neighborhood today here: