‘Forced From Home’ Brings Boulder Face To Face With The Global Refugee Crisis

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Photo:​Doctors Without Borders volunteer Dr. David Kuwayama (LS)
​Doctors Without Borders volunteer Dr. David Kuwayama.

There are 65 million displaced people -- refugees -- around the world today, 10.3 million just last year. Doctors Without Borders, the global aid organization, has set up a 10,000-square-foot mock refugee camp on Boulder's Pearl Street Mall to give visitors a sense of what those camps feel like. It's called "Forced From Home."

"Our hope here is that by making it a very interactive exhibit and by bringing actual materials that people can see, and touch, and handle, that we at least provide some flavor of it the ability to humanize the people and add a face and a story to the statistics," ​Doctors Without Borders volunteer Dr. David Kuwayama told Colorado Matters on a recent tour. A vascular surgeon at the University of Colorado, he most recently performed surgeries in South Sudan. Watch the video: