Free Speech Zones On Colorado Campuses? Not Anymore

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Photo: CU Boulder protest free speech zone (AP Photo)
In this Oct. 28, 2015 file photo, replicas of Republican presidential candidates Jeb Bush, left, and Marco Rubio face off in the free speech zone on the campus of the University of Colorado before the Republican presidential debate in Boulder.

The state legislature adjourns in less than two weeks. Any bills that get to the governor must have bipartisan support, because Democrats control the House and Republicans the Senate.

It remains to be seen if one major proposal, a compromise on transportation funding, can get through. One bill that did clear both chambers, and got the governor's signature, has to do with "free speech zones" on college campuses.

They'll soon be illegal.

Reporter Corey Hutchins of the Colorado Independent often reports on free speech and joined Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.