Getting To Know Your Enemy

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A dog is a naturally curious animal, which can be trouble when there are snakes around. Nancy Moyle is with the Lone Tree Veterinary Medical Center south of Denver. She says her clinic alone treats several dogs a year who’ve been bitten by rattlesnakes. "They’re hiding behind a rock and the dogs are always hunting and sniffing behind rocks, and they’re very curious, they don’t realize the danger, and boom!"

One dog trainer says he has a solution. Julian Weslow trains dogs to avoid snakes, and says he’s successfully “desnaked” 28,000 dogs. Weslow will be leading dogs through his snake avoidance course in Denver January 5-8. This is happening at the International Sportsmen's Expo. He tells CPR’s Zachary Barr that dogs are attracted to the scent of a rattlesnake.

[photo: flickr user JohnGiez]