Got Your iPhone Wet? A Colorado Entrepreneur Has A Solution

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TekDry machine metallic beads
TekDry's technology relies on metallic beads to dry electronic devices.

An inventor from Colorado thinks he's found a way to fix your waterlogged cellphone or iPad.

Adam Cookson and his partners at TekDry have developed a machine that dries a variety of electronics and brings them back to life. It's a box with a small drawer of metallic beads that slowly dries a device without damaging it.

TekDry box
TekDry's drying technology is now being offered in Staples stores.

The technology was recently highlighted during an appearance Cookson and his partner Craig Beinecke made on the ABC TV series Shark Tank, where they secured $500,000 in investment money.

Denver-based TekDry has joined forces with Staples stores nationwide to offer the technology to customers. Staples charges $70 for the service.

Adam Cookson spoke with CPR's Andrea Dukakis.