Gov. Hickenlooper addresses gun laws, marijuana and carbon emissions

February 5, 2014
Photo: Gov. John Hickenlooper(Photo: CPR/Megan Verlee)

The Colorado governor’s remarks came during an interview with Colorado Public Radio and the following are highlights of the discussion.

 Over the next few days, CPR News will offer more insight into the governor's conversation with Colorado Matters Host Ryan Warner, so check back with us over the next few days for exclusive online coverage.

  • Just over a month after recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado, Gov. John Hickenlooper talked about what still needs to be done to keep pot out of the hands of children in the state.

  • Gov. Hickenlooper also addressed Republican efforts to repeal gun control measures that were signed into law last year. The governor continues to resist full repeal of the laws. A measure to repeal the expanded background check requirements failed in the state Senate late Monday.

  • With much of the Western U.S. experiencing severe drought, the governor says he expects further draws on the Colorado River, since it's an important source for downstream states.

  • The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed tighter caps on carbon emissions for new coal-fired power plants. If they’re finalized, the rules won’t take effect for a few years and won’t affect existing coal plants. But some officials in northwest Colorado have asked that the governor fight the proposed rules, saying they’d hurt the coal businesses in this state.

  • The governor also addressed recent reports about interactions between the office of Sen. Mark Udall (D) and the state's Department of Insurance over health insurance policies cancelled under the Affordable Care Act.