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Boulder singer-songwriter Gregory Alan Isakov was in the middle of recording an album when he started writing a new batch of songs. Turns out he liked those songs better, so he dropped the other record and began working on what would become The Weatherman. It’s his third full-length album, and it’s getting Isakov some of the strongest reviews of his career. He speaks with Ryan Warner.

American Miles
Gregory Alan Isakov

It's been a long time since since I've been to the sea
just a postcard of Mexico in a magazine
Maria's off, she's here but she ain't
stoned & cold like a Mexican saint.

Maria's gone quiet like a Mexican saint
I've traveled for miles by her fingertips
they feel like the warm rain when the morphine hits.

Have you seen the daughter of the Hum of the highway?
or the way she curls her Mexican mouth
and the letters from my American mouth
now they're all flying south ...

Now I've always heard she's the honey of the hills
and there's plenty of dreamers on the boulevard
oh Maria, she's here but she ain't
stares out from the corner like a Mexican saint.

Have you seen the daughter of the hum of the highway?
always been so kind to me
her songs kill the pain like morphine.

and her mouth curls up like honey,
on these American Miles.

Watch Gregory Alan Isakov and his band performing "Saint Valentine" in the CPR performance studio.

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["American Miles," by Gregory Alan Isakov]