Growing Up in the Great Depression: Jean Rutherford Duaine

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We learned recently that Jean Rutherford Duaine died. Jean grew up in Georgetown-- in the mountains west of Denver-- during the Great Depression. And we had the pleasure of talking to her last year-- for our series about people who remember the worst downturn in U.S. History. Jean died May 29th-- at age 80-- near her home in Circle City, Arizona. And we'd like to re-air our conversation... it's one I'll never forget. Life got hard for Jean's family in the early 1930's-- after the Wall Street Crash. Then-- a mixed blessing. Her father, Bill, found a job supervising workers in the CCC-- the Civilian Conservation Corps-- in Southern Colorado. That meant his family, back in Georgetown, had food on the table. But it also meant HE was away for months at a time. So, his family took comfort in his very unusual letters home.