Hailstorms Are Becoming Costlier As Cities And Suburbs Grow Denser

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Photo: Car Hail Damage - AP Photo
Patrick Clark inspects his damaged car after a strong spring storm moved through the metropolitan Denver area Monday afternoon, May 8, 2017.

Hailstorms ring up massive bills long after the clouds clear. A single storm in June caused $276 million in damages. That was the eighth costliest hail strike in Colorado history—the top storm cost $2 billion. There's no word yet about the total cost of the damage caused by the Colorado Springs hailstorm on Aug. 6 that temporarily shuttered the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

Hailstorms are costing us more than ever not just because of climate change, but because of increasingly dense cities and suburbs. Ian Giammanco, a research meteorologist with the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety, talked to Colorado Matters about the price tags that come with hailstorms.