Head of NAACP in Colorado Springs reluctant to speculate about bombing

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The president of the NAACP chapter in Colorado Springs told Colorado Matters on Monday that, like the FBI, he doesn't know if his office was the target of a bombing outside the building last week, but the chapter is taking extra security precautions.

Henry Allen, Jr., said the office will add security cameras, which it didn't have previously.

Allen also said he is a former law enforcement agent, and respects the FBI's investigatory process. Therefore, he said, he won't speculate on the motive for the bombing. The FBI has released a composite sketch of a suspect and is offering a $10,000 reward for information.

Allen also said the FBI is looking into some text messages that were sent to his cell phone, but he doesn't know if they are connected with the suspect or the incident.

In a news conference late Friday afternoon, Tom Ravenelle, the FBI the special agent in charge of the investigation, said, “We would be naive if we didn’t acknowledge the NAACP, as a national organization, has been the recipient of threats throughout their existence.”

But, he added, "We in law enforcement have learned there are many motives for bombings and the motive may not be obvious at the beginning of an investigation so we will not speculate.”