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Her whole life built up to this: a new effort to help people live healthier, starting in childhood

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Chandra Thomas Whitfield/CPR News
Candace Oates, founder of Obesity Awareness In Action in Loveland, visited the CPR News studio.

During the worst part of the pandemic, Candace Oates had an “ah-ha moment.” She saw the way COVID was disproportionately adversely impacting Black and brown communities, and she was inspired to use her skills as a wellness advocate to help turn things around for future generations.

Oates created an organization, Obesity Awareness In Action, which provides free youth educational health and wellness programming for young people around Loveland in northern Colorado, where she lives. Now she’s getting recognized for her efforts on the international stage.

She spoke with Colorado Matters host Chandra Thomas Whitfield about how her own health journey and her professional experiences led her to this effort, where she uses preventative health care to help people live healthier lives, starting in childhood.