Here’s What You Can Expect At The Denver Art Museum’s Exclusive Rembrandt Exhibit

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Photo: Timothy Standring Rembrandt Denver Art Museum
Gates Family Foundation Curator Timothy Standring in the new Denver Art Museum exhibit, "Rembrandt: Painter as Printmaker."

Dutch artist Rembrandt van Rijn has been called the 17th century’s Francis Ford Coppola for the way he created drama in his artwork.

Experience that drama up-close at the Denver Art Museum’s newest exhibit, open to the public Sept. 16 through Jan. 6. The show, "Rembrandt: Painter as Printmaker," can only be seen in Denver.

Painter as Printmaker will highlight his masterful use of copper plate etchings to create impressions. It will also present new studies that reveal how Rembrandt intentionally varied his prints to give his clients the rarities they desired — revealing that on top of being a master artist, he was also an astute entrepreneur and marketer.

Gates Family Foundation Curator Timothy Standring sat down with Colorado Matters to preview the show and share a glimpse of the legendary artist’s life.