High Teacher Turnover In Colorado May Hurt Students

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Photo: Teacher with students
In this April 22, 2011 photo, High Plains Elementary School teacher Jennifer Williford, center, works with Colette Jackson, 11, and Skyler Matteson, 10, right, on a computer project in her fifth grade class at the school in Englewood, Colo.

Colorado teachers left their jobs in higher proportions during the 2014-2015 school year than in any of the previous 15 years, according to statistics from the state Department of Education. The numbers were analyzed by Chalkbeat Colorado, an online news site that covers education issues.

Chalkbeat reports that high turnover can hurt student achievement, and poor and minority students are most affected, according to researchers. But some school officials say turnover isn't all bad, because teachers who score low on standardized evaluations leave in significant numbers.

Chalkbeat's Jackie Zubrzycki spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner about her reporting.