Hip Hop Choreographer Lorenzo ‘Rennie’ Harris On A Life Of Abuse

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Photo: Hip hop choreographer Lorenzo 'Rennie' Harris, Grass Roots Project_1
Mikey Mestas and Grass Roots Project dancer Katie Swenson.

Violence and abuse are recurring themes in the life of Lorenzo "Rennie" Harris. He reflects on those experiences through dance. The choreographer is widely considered a pioneer in the hip hop genre. He's been praised for his ability to fuse street dance, theatrics and storytelling.

Photo: Rennie Harris
Hip hop choreographer Dr. Lorenzo "Rennie" Harris

University of Colorado Boulder's Department of Dance and Theatre. His Denver-based company, Grass Roots Project, performs at the Irey Theatre in Boulder Friday through Sunday. The show is called "Beautiful Human Lies," and is inspired by Harris' experiences growing up in a predominately African-American community in north Philadelphia.

Harris spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.