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<p>Space Exploration Architecture/Clouds Architecture Office</p>
<p>The Mars Ice House won first place in a NASA competition to design a habitat that could be built on Mars using 3-D printing.</p>

NASA has awarded top prize in a design contest for a livable structure on Mars to an innovative 3-D printed ice house.

The award comes as a new NASA report envisions a permanent settlement on Mars. The space agency has been planning a human visit to the red planet for years, and Lockheed Martin in Littleton is testing the Orion spacecraft that will carry astronauts there. Now NASA says it's developing the capabilities for people to live on Mars. Doug Duncan, director of Boulder's Fiske Planetarium, says in addition to providing shelter, NASA must figure out how to feed settlers.

Duncan joins Colorado Matters' host Ryan Warner to discuss the challenges of settling Mars, and the Halloween asteroid that will pass Earth on Saturday.