How many hours must a Denver janitor work to pay rent?

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Photo: Colorado Fiscal Institute Chart Low wage workers Denver
These jobs require more than the traditional 40-hour work week to provide a moderate lifestyle in the Denver area.

If you're making fast food in Denver, you'd have to work 62 hours every week to afford to the basics of urban life. That means having a small apartment, food on table, low-tier health insurance, and a car -- or other means to get to work.

The number of hours dishwashers, bakers, and housekeepers would have to work for same moderate lifestyle is similar. And that's if they're single. Add a young child to the mix, and the number of hours jumps to around 100 a week.

This is according to a new report by the nonprofit Colorado Fiscal Institute, which aims to "inform and influence" policy debates.

"A lot of low wage works have seen their wages either fall or stagnate over the last decade, they’re feeling the pinch from both ends," said Chris Stiffler, an economist at the organization. He speaks with Ryan Warner about the new report.