How much liability should schools have in shootings? Colorado law may change

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Photo: Arapahoe High School shooting anniversary 1
Arapahoe High School students and supporters hold a candle light vigil during a one year remembrance ceremony on Clarity Commons, named for student Claire Davis, who was killed in a school shooting one year earlier, at Arapahoe High School, in Centennial, Colo., Saturday, Dec. 13, 2014.

Schools could be liable for shootings and other serious acts of violence under a bill that has passed the Colorado Senate and is now in the House. The measure aims to prevent incidents like the one at Arapahoe High School two years ago. Critics say it’s the wrong approach to achieve better school security.

Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner got two perspectives on the issue: Michael Roche is the attorney for the Davis family, whose daughter died in the Arapahoe shootings and for whom the bill is named. David Olson is an attorney who has represented school districts around Colorado and is now general counsel for the Colorado School Districts Self Insurance Pool. Hear the conversation by clicking on the audio link above.