How This Denver Highschooler Got Involved On National Voter Registration Day

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Photo: Michael Ankner Voter Registration Day
Denver East High School senior Michael Ankner is working to register high school and college students to vote.

The fourth Tuesday in September marks National Voter Registration Day, a holiday that's been proven to make an impact. Back in 2016, thousands of Colorado voters joined the rolls on the day, and 91 percent of those people who registered went on to vote in the election. In the ongoing battle to increase voter turnout, those are serious results.

This year, one highschooler stands out in his effort to register his peers. Michael Ankner is a senior at Denver East High School, and with the help of Governor Hickenlooper and Secretary of State Wayne Williams, he's proclaimed Sept. 24-28 "High School and College Student Voter Registration Week."

Ankner talked to Colorado Matters about firing up young people to vote, and the challenges there.