How Will The U.S. Climate Change Withdrawal Impact Colorado?

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Photo: Paris Climate Withdrawal
Denver is one of nine cities to pledge to maintain the standards of the Paris climate agreement.

The United States may be backing out of the Paris climate accord, but at least nine mayors in Colorado have pledged to uphold the deal. Collectively, the mayors from these cities -- Denver, Aspen, Boulder, Breckenridge, Edgewater, Lafayette, Lakewood, Longmont and Vail -- represent more than a million people in the state.

But what does it mean for a city to stick with it, when the country as a whole isn't going to? Also, Colorado already appears on the forefront in terms of climate -- years ago, voters in the state passed a renewable energy standard, which lawmakers have since increased, and federal methane rules originated from a policy implemented here.

Boulder city councilman and former mayor Matthew Appelbaum, and Amy Oliver Cooke, executive vice-president of the Independence Institute, discussed the impact of the decision on the state with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.